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Astrological Consulting is neither science nor religious belief system. It is an art. Artists communicate between different dimensions of being. The use of images, sounds, words and shapes, the artist, are languages that tell of the meaningful contexts of reality that can understand the rational mind communicate in any way. Posted by Liz Greene

If you want to know more about themselves, their interior and exterior corridors together, then you can help the astrological advice while very light in the dark, not tangible worlds bring. Exact calculations lead to a statement that very often have ready solutions for you. What angle do you have on the situation, as is their attitude towards it, and how you can bring with love and humor changes themselves.

You have encountered this page to perhaps solve a problem like. People rarely come to counseling when life is straight smoothly. There are frequent crises that would be understood. The search for a fulfilling life anew every day. Constant work on oneself and living together in society. Questions by occupation or vocation, money, development of spiritual insight, life in the partnership, forgiveness can survive crises that take patience and love, raising children recognize untapped talents, take responsibility, be authentic, expressing the true feelings that lie recognize in themselves, suffering into joy, be happy with yourself, in the astrological advice specifically for you, according to her chart data visible and accessible course.

Astrological advice from 10h-19h

are by appointment every day by phone, call no matter what city or country you were accepted.

The service is aimed at those who want to develop personally and spiritually in the sense advanced further. About the past, present and future, I give you insight into your very own purpose in life. Here, I can not do magic, but his solution-oriented concomitantly. The topics to be addressed are, your purpose in life experiences of today’s holding. A constant observation in itself, subject to the intellectual and moral virtues which ultimately contribute to the fight, a joyful and meaningful contribution to society.

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The written analysis chart

are a great help to get to know us on our way to our self a bit further. In general, we know very little about us, and therefore we can not behave accordingly. In „his element“ and to live, but a very important part is our physical, mental and spiritual health.

The price per horoscope written as book 55 €

The price per horoscope written by e-mail 45 €

A written personal horoscope

one can open your eyes because you’ve often looked at more from the outside. The man of one faces is in the beginnings of life, our mirror. Sometimes you can feel like a foreign world and inner world visible. This is the moment when we want to know more about us, specifically about our personality. Thoughts and feelings that we dare to communicate in the consciousness. To read your own horoscope analysis include, can understand themselves better and more authentic life to be Affirmative.

A written annual horoscope (Solar)

Every year, when one’s birthday is celebrated is, again, the sun across the sky point where they stood at the time of birth. Called for an annual analysis or solar horoscope, this time is calculated to the minute, and for this transition, the sun of life issues, which are read out in the new year, so the pending birthday. In a solar horoscope, that is generally the issues are shown to determine the life of the person until his next birthday. If the birthday on 10 May 2012, the annual analysis goes until next year, in May 2013. This can also be the day shift. In any case, the Ascendant always another, and then wonder why the most when they suddenly have a different analysis of the solar ascendant, as in the natal (birth chart). Consequently, one can not very well see that life is very colorful and versatile, the year has been no way the previous characters. True or ..?

A written partner horoscope

A written analysis of the partner does not answer the question whether and how long will the partnership. Rather, the issues are identified that are important in a relationship. Partnership has, just like life itself, the sense of advancing their own development. Partnership is a development accelerator, so to speak. Thus, any partnership from a holistic point of view, a good thing because it forces you most quickly toward the goal of your highest spiritual development. Your horoscope partnership will be a help to identify which issues are behind a learning partnership. Whether the learning issues are taken into the partnership in joy, or the partnership is terminated, is always in the decision of your own. The written horoscope says nothing about how long is a partnership or relationship. This requires a personal interview with the astrologer, what about the needs of the individual in the relationship. Because everyone is still an Individual for themselves.

A written children’s Astrology & Horoscope for adults, the child

A written analysis primarily serves children, parents want to understand the specific operations of their own child. It’s like a personal horoscope, but just as a child. However, I recommend getting advance themselves lead to such children benefit analysis. The very own childhood as an adult, then you can perhaps understand better. Often, the adult experience itself as a big surprise, since many adventures and experiences with their own parents had been forgotten. The child in me and my children, a very rich discovery.

And here you can request an order depending on the choice for themselves:

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Written horoscopes are processed daily. Please just call. If I do not immediately be reached, then please leave a short message on the answering machine. Thank you very much. Greetings from Maria Ritter, Germany, city of Berlin.